Lacoste Damen-Armbanduhr Analog Quarz Edelstahl 2000834

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Officially launched in 1933, the Lacoste brand began as a manufacturer of polo shirts designed specifically for playing tennis. Tennis player Rene Lacoste designed and produced some short-sleeved, sweat-absorbent, loose cotton shirts for improved comfort on the tennis court. The design immediately changed the uniform for professional tennis players, which had formerly been a long-sleeved top made of a heavier fabric. After teaming up with Andre Gillier, the owner of a large, French knitwear company, Lacoste clothing became available to the public. Today, Lacoste sportswear endures as a signature of preppy, American style and one of the most popular lifestyle brands in the world. Lacoste watches imitate the brand’s preppy, modern take on apparel, complete with bright colors, stripes, a casual, sporty feel, and crocodile-embossed dials.


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